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The Planning & Building Process

Before we pick up a pencil, and before we turn a shovel of dirt, we conduct the most important exercise in the process --- we listen. Carefully. We listen to your dreams, your experiences, your needs, and your budget, and begin a process that results in a design that reflects you and your lifestyle.

Here is a list of the typical steps of custom building.



We can assist in the selection of a building site or begin a custom design on property you presently own. We can advise and perform due diligence in order to help you avoid pitfalls and hidden costs that may not be obvious from merely walking a property. We’ve built on many difficult sites, and can bring decades of experience to your site evaluation process.



After a site is secured, we interview you and discuss the goals and priorities.  We're here to marry our experience and talents with your dreams.  We help you to create a vision and define priorities.  At the same time, we carefully analyze the site and study how to take advantage of the best features the site has to offer.  One of our mission statement goals is to create spaces that allow users to better appreciate the environment around them.  That may mean exploiting a special view, or turning the home to take advantage of sun and shade patterns.  We ask questions about specific needs and determine a budget.  The better we work together to understand and clarify what you want, the more satisfying the final product will be.



Our goal is with the end in mind – a beautifully crafted, custom tailored home for you. That starts with careful planning and a design that meets your specific needs.


By creating a process where the company that is responsible for the design is also the builder, the project budget will be closely monitored and value engineered.  The feasibility budget is produced in tandem with the initial design scheme. The risk of producing plans that are too expensive to complete is reduced, and this method saves time and money.

You approve the budget at every step along the way. Our goal: no surprises. No surprises before contract, and no budget surprises during the construction period.  Every aspect is designed to your budget and at a price that meets your approval before the plans are completed.


At the completion of the design, the plans are submitted to the marketplace by private invitations to bid. Our membership in a Cleveland based buying group ensures that we buy commodities and materials at prices the volume builders receive. Our target historically is very close to the initial feasibility budget that we agreed to at the start of the design phase.  The resultant bids are compiled into a guaranteed maximum price contract, and submitted to your financial institution.

We typically work with guaranteed maximum price contracts.


Regularly scheduled meetings keep you apprised of construction activities, budget, and a look ahead of what’s coming next. Our tradespeople are well respected throughout the Northeastern Ohio construction community, and have been selected for their combination of quality, value and their commitment to the satisfaction of our clients. Our reputation and experience allows us to work with the best of the best tradespeople.



An online scheduling and management system allows you to track progress of the construction schedule and events online, 24/7.  You can monitor the progress of the job and access critical documents from your home or workplace.



We expect changes during the process of custom building – that’s one of the benefits of choosing a custom builder.  At every phase of construction, you are made aware of cost and schedule. Allowances are calculated from realistic project budgets based upon previous interviews. Our goal: no surprises at the end.


Our value and commitment to quality is most evident in the portfolio of our finished homes in place across northeastern Ohio and the wonderful and lasting relationships we have enjoyed with our clients.  We can customize an occupancy plan that fits the specific requirements of your project --- from hanging pictures and building storage shelves in your new home, to coordinating the array of certifications and inspections required of your commercial building.







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